Whether you plan to buy right away or sometime down the road, whether you’re just browsing or keeping tabs on home prices, we have the best tools to streamline the process.  Our system helps you get what you want, when you want it.

Why we built it

When I first entered the real estate business I was told, “Real estate agents only work half days.”  The problem was nobody explained that what they really  meant was 12 hours out of every 24!  The fact is, we need to be available whenever buyers need us — and that means from 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, including holidays.

Frankly, we agents don’t mind the long hours, but the more our businesses grow and the more homes we sell, the more difficult it becomes to serve our buyers' demands. Since our business requires the highest level of service, our growth necessitates new ways to serve our clientele and is dependent upon maintaining the highest standards.

Getting clients the information they need — faster

We real estate agents have very busy and unpredictable business schedules. But to our clients, that may often mean we have no lives of our own. We’ve all had buyers that need immediate information on a house, but need it when we’re simply not available. Perhaps we’re...

So we created a real estate information hotline that can get our clients that critical information — on the spot, from any phone, anywhere — and without delay.

My buyer hotline and email responders are
available 12-hours per day, seven days per week.
They give buyers complete and instant data on any
property that interests them by calling 314-414-ASAP (2727).

But I quickly decided even that wasn’t enough.

Even more service

It all became crystal clear for me one Sunday afternoon.  For weeks, I had been showing homes to my best friend.  But on that Sunday he bought a house from another agent. They went to an open house, fell in love with the home and wrote the offer then and there.

Why? They knew I was at a family reunion and they were afraid to wait until the next day. They just didn’t want to take the chance of losing their dream home to another buyer. That’s when I decided our business needed an “on call” service upon which our clientele could rely.

In response to this need, we created the BUYER SHOWING TEAM.
It’s the most expedient way possible to handle buyer activity —
with a professional squad of specialized showing agents. 
A team member is always on “showing duty” — days, evenings or weekends,
even holidays — and can be dispatched immediately.  Their sole mission
is to show properties within 30 minutes of a call and write offers.
That way, clients have their own buyer’s agent — one who represents them,
not the seller — available anytime!

When Buyers get great service, sellers benefit as well!

It’s axiomatic that the faster we deliver buyers to a property, the better we serve the needs of sellers as well. And wouldn’t you rather list your home with an agent that provides superior service to buyers? Be sure to ask if your agent subscribes to the Buyer Showing Team.

If not, you should talk to one who does — like me!

For more information visit www.BuyerShowingTeam.com

Did you know
that Realtors only work half days?

When I first got into real estate they told me I only had to work half days — the problem was, they just didn’t tell me WHICH half!

It turns out I needed to be available whenever buyers needed information. That typically means between 9 am and 9 pm, seven days a week, including holidays.

For me, the long hours were fine but the more homes I sold, the  harder it was to keep up with my buyers' needs.

There are hundreds of popular Internet sites where you can search for homes and register for email updates. In fact, there are so many real estate websites that you can literally find websites that list more websites that list even more websites. It's exasperating!

My solution is to provide you access to the best  sites with a single click. This gives you a good starting point -- but when you are ready to dig deeper, you'll need more -- which is why I provide these exclusive services...

Hotline Call Center: When you need info by phone, my team of Search & Schedule Specialists is ready to assist you with immediate, accurate information about ANY property.

See It In 30 Minutes: When you want to tour ANY listed home, my Buyer Showing Team is ready seven days a week during daylight showing hours.
The Most Efficient Homebuying System Ever!
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NATIONWIDE REFERRAL SERVICE The lifeblood of any real business is repeat and referral transactions that come from past clients. To that end, I have joined a "referrals only" real estate network. This network tracks the annual performance records of real estate agents and mortgage lenders... not just here in St. Louis, but also around the country.

For those of you who have a large following of friends, family, or sphere of influence, you can earn extra spare time income just for referring people who plan to buy or sell real estate.
  • Working with another client
  • At a closing
  • At a social event
  • With family
  • Out of town
  • At the doctor’s office
  • At our kid’s soccer game
  • Just too far away from a computer

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