and I sell them FAST.
In Real Estate Sales
doesn’t mean
better or faster!

In these days of mergers, acquisitions, big business and franchising, there’s a false perception among many homeowners that hiring a “big-name” real estate company is better. Well, just being big didn’t save the dinosaurs. And the same is true in real estate. Reality check: Being smaller and being independent can be better.

Combining targeted marketing, attention to detail, persistent follow-up, responsiveness, negotiating skill, and good old-fashioned salesmanship, I sell more houses in a month than most agents sell all year long.

Yours could be next!

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If I can’t sell your home
in the next 30 days,
I’ll release the listing agreement.
FACT: Half of the sellers I work with have a contract within 30 days. That’s why I put in writing that my sellers may cancel after 30 days — no questions asked — if they’re unhappy with my service. 

FACT: The number of houses I’ve sold over 20 years ranks me in the top 1% in St. Louis. That means I sell more houses in an average month than most agents sell all year long.

FACT: I sell my listings faster.  Historically, my listings receive a contract an average of 10 days faster than my competitors' (for comparable properties).

HOW? Well certainly there are methods shared by many Realtors®, and I do use those.  But I’ve also developed some proprietary techniques — and only my listings get their associated benefits.

I take a unique approach to commissions, too. I charge sellers less and pay fellow Realtors more. Think about it: Agents who sell my listings to their buyers make more money. There are many savvy agents who literally search through my listings first.

You may wonder how I can charge less and still make a profit. It’s really a simple concept: I operate efficiently and maintain a low overhead.

  • My offices are surely business-like and presentable, but they’re not luxurious. My having ‘Taj Mahal’ offices won’t sell your home. I don’t pay high rent and I don’t pay for lavish furnishings.

  • I avoid high cost “public-image” campaigns. I don’t use hot air balloons or buy expensive TV airtime. (And I don’t pay expensive franchise fees either.)

  • I do high-volume business through focused marketing. I view and approach my job as selling my listings. Lots of them. So my business was designed from the ground up to generate interest and excitement in the homes I list — and get them sold.

  • I don’t waste time with hyperbole. Many sellers ask, “What would you pay for my home?” I don’t just tell them what I think they may want to hear. I tell them the truth: What I might pay for your home doesn’t matter. I’m not buying your home. 

What matters is what your home will bring on the market. So rather than wasting time with an inflated price to feed inflated egos — while the property languishes and becomes stale — I help sellers create an intelligent pricing strategy that captures the true market value faster. This usually proves so effective that sellers are amazed at how often we generate multiple, competing offers.

Doing business this way, everyone wins.  Fellow Realtors® who bring buyers get paid more.  Sellers get the services they need — including some they didn’t expect. They sell faster, they save money and they get the most they can from their property. And yes, I make a reasonable profit, too.

So if you’re ready to sell your home, call me at (314) 432-SOLD (7653). You’ll learn my no-nonsense, “tell-it-like-it-is” approach. You’ll learn why so many sellers hire me instead of big-name franchises. And you’ll learn why I can sell a home every 2 or 3 days while saving thousands for my clients.


Mark Palmero L’Boe
Mark Palmero L’Boe
Broker, Relocation Specialist

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There are hundreds of popular Internet sites where you can search for homes and register for email updates. In fact, there are so many real estate websites that you can literally find websites that list more websites that list even more websites. It's exasperating!

My solution is to provide you access to the best  sites with a single click. This gives you a good starting point -- but when you are ready to dig deeper, you'll need more -- which is why I provide these exclusive services...

Hotline Call Center: When you need info by phone, my team of Search & Schedule Specialists is ready to assist you with immediate, accurate information about ANY property.

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I sell lots of homes
Since 1988:

If I can’t sell your home
in the next 30 days --
I’ll release the listing agreement.
PS: Anyone can brag about having a good year — my track record is consistent year after year and totals to 806 closed sales in my recent 8 years. Put my sign in your yard and see why!

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