This opportunity is not for everyone, it's for investors willing and able to take more risk, but it represents a lucrative choice if you have capital to invest –– the opportunity to own an actual real estate company.

In the past, owning a real estate company was a hands-on business requiring a real estate license, a working knowledge of the real estate business, and sales/management experience.

That has changed. Now, owners of real estate offices can be anyone, doctors, lawyers, anyone with capital to invest. Management is provided by a professional real estate office management company who run the business for a percentage of profits and and the
income can far exceed what could be earned from apartment rental units.

For more information on this, take a look at what Compass Realty Systems offers by clicking on the link labeled "Investors." I run the business brokerage division of this company and can introduce you to several real estate offices that are looking for buyers.  Compass Realty Systems in turn provides licensed management services and will not only run the existing business, but also grow the business for you both in numbers of agents and per person productivity.

Owning an income-producing real estate office is a great way to diversify your investments. And what I like most about owning a real estate company is that it doesn't matter if real estate values are rising or falling. That's because a brokerage house is paid a commission based on the selling price, not the profit. In fact, if we meet to discuss this in person, I can show you why owning a real estate office during a market turndown may be a considerably better investment than owning apartment buildings!

To learn more call me on my direct toll-free line, 1-866-321-LBOE, or by email at

I look forward to a profitable relationship,

Mark Palmero L’Boe
VP-Business Brokerage Division, Compass Realty Systems

The Best Real Estate Investment Ever!
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